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Detox Foot Patch

Detox Foot Patch

Enhances blood circulation.
Improves your quality of sleep.
Relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis.

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Product Description :-

Detox Patches give you more than bandage support and comfort, but also absorb and capture toxins that exit the body during the body's natural detoxification processes.

They are the latest, simplest form of foot therapy. Detox Patches are quickly gaining in popularity among individual users, medical practitioners and health professionals across the nation.

Our ancient herbal formula originated as a folk remedy, absorbing accumulated wastes and toxic materials from the body naturally as ointments in Asian medical science, some believe they radiate negative ions and promote blood circulation to refresh and cleanse your body.

Toxin Facts :-

Many people don't realize that a body overloaded with toxins can become more prone to ailments. These ailments include constipation, stomach bloat, poor digestion, gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucus, inability to concentrate, headaches, blemished skin, poor memory, depression, body odour and bad breath. These symptoms occur because our body doesn't know how to handle the toxins circulating in the bloodstream and doesn't know how to excrete them. Because of this, toxins can accumulate into harmful quantities or convert into substances that may interfere with your metabolism.

How The Detox Foot Patch Works ?

It is designed to be placed on any sore part of your body such as feet, knees, ankles, joints and so on. Do it before you go to sleep. The patch will pull out the toxins from the painful spot during the night. An obvious indicator for that will be the changed color and the smell of the patch when you wake up in the morning.

However, the best spot to apply the patch is the sole of your foot. That’s because it has more than 60 reflexology meridian points, known as the "second heart". These points are the reflective zones of your major internal organs and because of the gravity your feet become the most toxic part of your body.

How To Use Detox Foot Patch

Detox Foot Patch uses

Effects And Benefits of Detox Foot Patch

Generally the Detox patches simply pull the toxins out and make you feel relaxed, healthy and the most important - cleansed.

How exactly the Detox patch helps you?
- Revitalizes your body.
- Enhances blood circulation.
- Strengthens your immune system.
- Improves your quality of sleep.

All that promotes better health and longevity, just by placing the detox foot patches on the soles of your feet before going to sleep.

More benefits of the detox patch system for other parts of your body:
- Relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis.
- Improve immunity system.
- Increase vitality and energy.
- Reduce stress and anxiety.
- Improve circulation.
- Improve sleep.
- Enhance mental focus and concentration.
- Soothe head aches.

Detox Foot Patch uses

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